Our customers & our employees are the foundation of our success.  We pride ourselves on Safety, Reliability and Knowledgeable employees.

Tri Axle Vacuum Trucks

Our Tri Axle vacuum trucks are built on an International chassis which is chosen because of its dependability. Most trucks feature the Tire Boss system that allows the unit to access locations that may have road ban restrictions. This allows for extended operating conditions throughout the season. The vacuum system is based on the Hibon vacuum pump and is chosen because of its dependability.

Agitator System

Clear Rock Energy uses an agitator system that is designed to minimize rig water consumption while still maintaining the capability to draw solids.

Tire Boss System


The Tire Boss system is used to deflate the rear tires to allow access to soft and sensitive land spreading applications.

Water Trucks

Clear Rock Energy offers both tandem and tri axle water trucks. Turn key operations with highly skilled operators makes us the clear choice.